Saturday, September 8, 2007

Erosion on Strum Island

After the Vegetation on the East end of Strum Island was removed in the Summer of 2005.The Drumlin Clay started to Slip and fall into the Bay. This was on going from October through into the Summer of 2006. Leonard Eisnor, who has spent a lifetime around the bay, said he has watched, not only Strum, but other islands fall victim to the problem of erosion.
"I would say that shore has gone 50 to 75 feet in the last 50 years," he said. "The whole thing's just washed away."
He said that the recent silt discolouration of the water following hurricane Gustav has been going on for years.
"We used to set traps off here," he said. "After a storm, when you hauled your bait, it looked like a ball of mud from the backwash that came off of the red clay bank."

Mr. Kern said that he has employed a civil engineer as well as an environmental consultant in developing the septic systems which will service the six lots on the island, in order to confirm that they will cause no harm to the environment.
Gerald Hanley, the contractor who will install the systems, said the soil on the island is class C-1, which is the best there is for such a project.
"[With] C-2 you've got to bring imported soil in, or sand," he said.
Mr. Kern said that because the systems will be installed in the centre of the island, it is not possible to "percolate into the ocean" as Mr. Tate had inferred.
He also said the only trees that have been removed from the island are spruce trees which have either blown down or were in danger of being uprooted.