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Strum Island eastside Nov29th,2005 Developer says he is saving, not sacrificing, Strum Island

Josh Comeau lays geotech paper in preparation for the installation of granite boulders on Strum Island. Developer Fred Kern said that construction of the wall, along with a drainage system and terraces, is necessary to protect the shores of the island from erosion and save it for the future. Oct 2,2002 Lighthouse Publishing
Mr. Kern, who has been in the property development business for over 25 years, said he has never experienced problems with any of his previous projects.
"We care as much as anyone in this area for the development of Strum Island to be clean, nice, environmentally sensitive," he said. "There's nothing I'm ashamed of that's going on out here. In fact, I'm proud of it."
An American citizen, Mr. Kern is no stranger to Nova Scotia.
He has been visiting the South Shore since he was a child, and began developing his first properties in Queens County in 1995 .
Oct 2,2002 Lighthouse Publishing

Mr. Kern said that he has employed a civil engineer as well as an environmental consultant in developing the septic systems which will service the six lots on the island, in order to confirm that they will cause no harm to the environment.
Gerald Hanley, the contractor who will install the systems, said the soil on the island is class C-1, which is the best there is for such a project.
"[With] C-2 you've got to bring imported soil in, or sand," he said.
Mr. Kern said that because the systems will be installed in the centre of the island, it is not possible to "percolate into the ocean" as Mr. Tate had inferred.
Geotech paper is being used to retain soil by filtering any run-off which may occur through the rock.
As well, about $100,000 worth of drainage ditches are being installed which are designed to divert excess surface water.

Lighthouse Publishing ,Robert Hirtle Oct.2,2002

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