Sunday, February 10, 2008

Strum and Westhaver Islands, Mahone Bay

Strum and Westhaver Islands as they looked just 10 years ago.

Bayers Walls said...
I have to say that Strum Island was far better off being in her Natural state. Before this Island was developed it held a far better life as a home for all the wildlife that used it. I recall the open face cliff to the sea, high up the swallows made there mud homes for nesting. A bird watchers dream to view them and the other nesting birds like the Roseate Terns. Its bad enough that we have sucked the Bay clean of fish that once thrived here. Now we have to tear up this beautiful gem that it once was. We don't need People with evil visions to come here and destroy something as beautiful as Strum island once was. This Man has no business being here and doing this to our Islands. When I say our Islands I mean it really doesn't belong to him even though he has a paper saying so. When you see and read this blog as I have he is in the complete reverse of what he said and spoke to Robert Hirtle. Yes the islands are washing away, so is the mainland. Erosion is everywhere. the rivers that flow into our Bays carry silt from many miles up river. The ocean levels are rising all over the world. When you say you need to take the weight off the Island. How is it that thousands of tons of boulders were taken from the mainland and from the shores of the Island to add the weight. To take the weight off the Island this is a total and complete farce. Why did you cut the trees and do just the complete opposite of what you said you wouldn't do.Its a crime what your doing here to this Island.People will see that you have done a very dirty deed here and there will come a time when the Natural forces will take over and it will be nothing but a shoal in the ocean.
February 10, 2008 12:48 PM

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Janet said...

I can't believe that municipalities are still granting permission for residential development in areas that should be treated as stringently as floodplain is treated inland in river valleys. Doing the math, with rising sea levels, it is clear that many of the offshore islands will not exist in 50 years and if large enough and high enough to withstand rising sea levels will be subject to much more severe effects from weather due to their closeness to strong seas and strong winds. The same goes for many prime acres of shoreline that are now being taken out of public domain because of the new owners' desire to exercise Private Property rights that in the past were rarely observed.
I fail, too, to see the logic in at least 6 tiny barren plots supporting 6 lavish homes where possibly one might have been built with far less impact.
It is up to us all, as Nova Scotians, to make enough noise that government re-thinks its complacency in the rape of our wild places in order to satisfy the desire of come from aways to buy a little of our pristine wilderness and then alter it when they discover that its primitiveness does not suit them.
Please join, and become active in, the various groups that support the acquisition of coastal lands for the public domain!!